MHWA members

Membership is open to people involved with collecting and publishing historical motoring information in Western Australia. Publishing may take the form of written word in magazines or books, by film or video or on recognized websites. Our members cover a vast array of areas of expertise, and some are considered to be national and world experts in certain fields.

The committee (as elected January 2013)

President & Webmaster; Paul Blank - (08) 9271 0101 -

Paul has a BA in Industrial Design. He is a writer for various car magazines around the world, predominantly on classic cars. He began and runs Automotive Events Management, which conducts events primarily for classic cars; rallies, exhibitions, tours, motor sport, etc in Australia and Europe. He is a Commonwealth Approved Valuer for Vintage and Classic Cars (CGS). Previous work has included in the specialist automotive conversion and accessory retailing industry and as a consultant for classic car auctions held around Australia and in New Zealand.

He is heavily involved in the car club movement: a past President Mercedes-Benz Car Club, Chairman of the Microcar Club, President for the BMW Club and Vice President of the Studebaker Car Club, Vice President of the Special Interest Vehicle Association, was Vice President and Secretary of the Citroen Owners Association and is immediate past President of Ferrari Club Australia (WA Branch). He is the sole honorary life member of Fiat Lancia Car Club, has been a committee member of that club, as well as the Vintage Sports Car Club. He served as President of the Combined Car Clubs Association (now CMC), Chairman of the Classic Car Show committee and was the founder of several clubs. He is a past member of the Association of Citroen Enthusiasts, Triumph Car Club, Porsche Club and Register of Unusual Microcars, and is a member of the Italian Made Social Motoring Club and French & Fantastic Automobile Club. He has been magazine Editor for several clubs. A collector of cars, automotive brochures, models and other automobilia, Paul competes in motor sport events in his supercharged Mazda MX5. Paul has been appointed Australian representative for Amicale Facel Vega and Secretary of the CMC Technical Committee.


           Secretary; Graeme Cocks - 0438 980 859 -

Graeme Cocks was until recently the CEO of the Fremantle Motor Museum, WA, and now looks after the Briggs Family Collection of cars. He is owner of a replica of Arthur Colliver’s ‘Silver Wings’ Chrysler 75 racer which broke speed and endurance records at Lake Perkolilli in the 1920s. Graeme has been involved in the old car movement for many years and owns a variety of interesting cars, spanning an Austin A35, through sporting T-Model Ford to a Morris Minor 1000. He is a member of several car clubs.

Graeme is originally a journalist and has use these skills in preparation of publications including commemorative booklets for the recent anniversary of the Albany Round the Houses racing and Patriotic Grand Prix event held in Applecross as part of a series of booklets covering Round the Houses race meetings in Western Australian towns. He has recently completed a book focusing on the first ever Bentley to race at Le Mans amongst his many projects. Before taking on the CEO role at the Fremantle Motor Museum, Graeme was involved with the historic Duyfken ship project.

Graeme was the second President of Motoring Historians WA.


Treasurer; Terry McGrath - (08) 9279 7003 -

Terry researches Australian motor racing and SS and Jaguar cars, specializing in publishing authoritative books on SS and Jaguar cars. He has built up a very extensive reference library, especially containing photographs of the two subjects of his interest. Terry has published definitive works The Jaguar XK in Australia, The Jaguar XK120 in the Southern Hemisphere and SS Cars in Australiasia, comprehensively detailing the histories of all such cars and has other publications in the pipeline.

Terry has long been an active member of the Jaguar Car Club and was on the founding Board of the Motor Museum of WA. He has a small collection of classic cars, predominantly Jaguars, including some rare models. The illustration shows Terry after a haircut.



Committee member; John Napier-Winch - (08) 9404 8863 -

John followed speedway and motor racing with his father and cousin Bob Adams since he was a child. His first employment was with United Motors, followed by an engineering company before taking employment in a service station as a mechanic's assistant. Later he owned a service station/roadhouse. Over the years he has had mentors including Tony Tapper, Eric Nicoll, Hector Hawke and John Emery.

John purchased a number of racing cars over the years - a TQ in 1971 and the John Bertina FJ Holden sports in 1970, which is currently under restoration along with the Wally Higgs Peugeot racing car. As manager of Motor Racing Consultants in the early '70s he sponsored Ray Hunter's super modified speedway cars, built and modified many race, rally, drag and street cars, some with Bob Busellato of Ding Bob Trikes. From 1982-1995 he was advisor to H.E.H Prince Jah, who maintained a car collection in Perth.

Today he is involved in film to digital transfer of many historical motor racing films covering the years 1927 to 1962 taken by John Finney.


Committee member; A John Parker - (08) 9271 4272 -

A John Parker is automotive historian, researcher and author. He has a long history of researching and writing material on vintage cars, his work in Restored Cars magazine being well known. He has restored old cars and for many years owned an unrestored Austin A40 he'd originally had in his teenage days, plus he has a sad but very rare 1936 Buick Sloper sitting on a farm waiting!

Has been engaged in intense research and the writing up of the history of the Perth motor trade for several years. Recent publications include Torquing of Marques, a book which lists every make of car which is known to have been in Western Australia, and Cars, Characters & Crankhandles, detailing Perth's new car dealers over the years - both the results of exhaustive research. Several other books are under way. John is a member of the Veteran Car Club. His enthusiasm has played a key role in the formation of MHWA.

John was the inaugural President of Motoring Historians WA.


Committee member; John McLean - - John is a Past President Council of Motoring Clubs of WA Inc. Chairman for CMC Technical Committee, committee member of Veteran Car Club WA Inc., worked with Shannons for several years and is the curator of the Motor Museum of WA at Whiteman Park. 

Originally from New Zealand, John has over 40 years involvement in the motor trade and 20 years of restoring and repairing veteran, vintage and classic cars. He has built class-winning historic rally cars for events such as Targa Tasmania. Previously a curator for Heytesbury Classic Car Collection and is a keen collector of automobilia.




- Craig Atkins - A recognized authority on the Morgan brand, Craig has written and published a detailed and thoroughly researched history of Morgan cars in Australia. Craig is an active participant in Vintage Sports Car Club activities in his Morgans. His collection includes a historic racing Morgan.

- Paul Blank -
    See above

- David Bird - - A keen videographer and car enthusiast, David has released several videos of Western Australian classic cars - including productions about British cars and another covering French Italian and German marques. He is a member of the Special Interest Vehicle Association of which he was Vice President, and is the President of the Dowerin Car Club, the town in which David lives.

- Bob Campbell - -
general motoring historian and writer, past editor of the RAC of WA’s ‘Road Patrol' magazine.

- Tony Burnett or 9299 6712 - Tony retired some 20 years ago from a 40+ years’ career with Castrol Oil, in Australia and the UK, rising to senior roles in the company. In the late-1990s Tony became the self-appointed Castrol Historian for Australia. It inspired him to research a book on Castrol in Australia 1919 to 1999. He self-published it in 2000 as a limited-edition, ISBN 0 646 3974 5 1. Tony’s interests extend to Australian automobilia/garagenalia, not as a collector of its hardware but of its history. His archive extends not just to Castrol, but to every other oil company that ever operated in Australia. Tony is a researcher, historian and writer for the near-400 member Automobilia Collectors Club of Australia Inc (, of which he is a past President. Currently Tony is the enthusiastic State Rep for the 89 members of ACCA in WA.

- Brian Butterworth - Retired State Manager of Mazda; Coordinator of WA Motor Industry Foundation.

- John Byfield -
John's interests include the historical aspects of
motor racing and motor body building as it relates to trucks and heavy transport. His collection includes several Jaguars.

- Graeme Cocks -
    See above

- Alan Cole - - is a farmer at Kellerberrin, WA, who has rallied cars for many years, having restored two Hudson cars (1923 & 1952) which he carelessly allowed to burn in a garage fire. He is now looking to restore other cars suitable for rallying and in the past enjoyed many miles of rallying including the 1988 Castrol Bi-Centennial Rally to Canberra. He has an interest in history in general including heavy vehicles, machinery and dealerships, which sold and serviced these units throughout the State. Alan was also chairman of a committee producing the publication “A Man His Dog and a Dead Kangaroo” authored by Terry Spence, a history of Kellerberrin, Doodlakine and Baandee.

- Maurice Davin - - Maurice has interests in automotive history, rear-engined cars and commercials, microcars, light tractors and small motorcycles. He was President and a founding member of the Special Interest Vehicle Association Inc. (SIVA) and a member of Society of Automotive Historians Inc. Currently restoring a 1967 Hino Contessa, his collection also includes rare examples of NSU, Autobianchi, Trojan and other Hinos. Maurice has owned a fascinating array of unusual vehicles. Maurice is on the CMC Technical Committee. He collects sales literature, scale models, books, etc. He has written some automotive newsletter and magazine articles and is considered an authority on unusual vehicles.

- Ken Devine -
- Ken has motor racing interests and a very large historic photographic collection including early racing in Western Australia. He has long owned classic cars, is a member of the Austin Club and a volunteer at the Motor Museum of WA.

- Terry McGrath -
    See above

- Gary Mentiplay - Gary
specialises in knowledge and restoration of BMC/BLMC and Leyland vehicles, with particular interest in the Leyland P76, owning a rare prototype version.

- John Napier-Winch -
    See above

- Ian Newman - - Ian is a videographer, producer and sculptor. When he was nine, a chance meeting with Derek Meddings, special effects director for Thunderbirds (and later the James Bond films), inspired in him a lifelong interest in model making and SFX (Special Effects). Some years later, he was selected for the inaugural CADSA (Centre for Advanced Screen Animation) course at FTIWA. After graduating, he accepted a scholarship to the Certificate IV of Video Production, emerging as a producer and proprietor of his own film and video production business. Ian's documentary Song & Dance Girls won a best film award at the Mandurah Short Film Festival in 2003. To date he has produced over 30 short films, documentaries, training DVDs and music videos. He is also involved is automotive productions. He recently acquired copyright on a large collection of old 8mm and 16mm films of WA and runs a facility transferring those formats to digital media. A keen collector of model cars and automobilia, he also owns a collection of rare Japanese vehicles including a Subaru 360 Young SS among others. He is a founding member of the Special Interest Vehicle Association of Western Australia, of which he was the Registrar for many years, a past member of the Historical Film and Video Preservation Society and a former member of The Australian Museum of Motion Picture Technology.

- A John Parker -
    See above

- John Pickles -
- especially interested in the Simca marque, having started the Australian club some years ago. John also has large collection of motoring magazines.

- Martin Shaw -
- published the Rover marque’s Perth history in 2004 as part of the Rover firm’s centenary celebrations. He is restoring and driving examples of their cars from as early as 1934. Martin is also interested in anything motoring with originality, rarity and history - and would love see all ‘old cars’ back on the road (even the Austin Kimberleys hiding in his back yard!). Martin is a keen member of the Rover Owners Club.

- Terry Walker -  - active in Western Australian motor sport until moving to Canberra in 1974. Author of ‘Around the Houses: the history of motor racing in WA’ (1980) and of ‘Fast Tracks’, a detailed Atlas of all Australian motor racing circuits 1904-1995 (1996). Since returning in 1994, Terry has re-issued ‘Around the Houses’ on CD with some 800 historic photographs and begun a sequel, ‘Around the Raceway’ to bring the story up to date. Terry is a member of the Rolls-Royce Owners Club. Terry's interesting website is