Information wanted

Motoring Historians WA is keen to collect information of an automotive historical nature with particular concern about Western Australia. We are looking for:

Any leads to useful information such as anything listed above would be appreciated and followed up with discretion.

Western Australia has over a century of motoring history. A great deal of information is thrown away or otherwise lost as generations pass. We ask for everyone's help in saving such information, however little or inconsequential you might think it is. What old car photos or Western Australian automotive information do you, your parents or grandparents have hidden away?

The collection and proper archiving of this information is one of the core aims of the group.

Several of our members have extensive collections of their own and the MHWA allows them to share the contents of these collections when possible and as needed.

If you have anything that you think may be of interest, please contact any of our Committee members.

Can you help?

1. The Westcott Terranaut was produced in Subiaco, Western Australia in small numbers in 1968. Based on Volkswagen running gear, several were apparently sold. Any details would be greatly appreciated. I have details in The Visor, but looking for anything else...

2. Does anyone have any details on this unusual 3-wheel microcar? One of the negatives is annotated with the date 27.3.1951. A car in the background wears Bunbury, WA numberplates. Very keen if anyone knows anything about this car. Images from the State Library of WA.

3. Look closely at this 1966 photo from the University of WA Archives and you can see an AC Aceca in the carpark. Who owned this car and what happened to it? Any details gratefully accepted...


4. Can anyone help identify this car, below? The photo was apparently taken about 1910 to 1912 near Bunbury, Western Australia. Any help in identifying this would be appreciated - contact John Parker -

5. Below are an early 1920s CitroŽn and Dodge - what is the house and its location in Western Australia? - photograph from the Veronica Wildy Collection of Perth. Any help in identifying this would be appreciated - contact John Parker -