Background and Aims


Motoring Historians WA is a group which was formed in 2005 (and incorporated in 2006). The full title of the group is the Western Australian Society of Motoring History (Incorporated).

MHWA is a not-for-profit group, based in Perth, Western Australia, and is comprised of active and dedicated automotive researchers, archive and memorabilia collectors, information recorders and writers.

In our Constitution, our aims are stated as being:

(a) to discover, acquire, sort, collate, preserve, archive and make the materials available for further research, publishing and promulgation of historic motoring information

(b) to source funds including but not limited to from official government, general public and private companies in order to provide funds for its further the aims as stated in (a) above

(c) to make West Australians more aware of their State automotive history:

(d) to encourage a greater understanding by West Australians of the contribution by, and involvement, of motor traders and motorists in our cultural history:

Provide a base point for all persons who have an interest in old vehicles by fostering the preservation of:

  •  vehicles
  •  automobilia
  •  photographs
  •  official records
  •  personal accounts and recollections
  •  film/video/CD/DVD

We would aim to create an on-going archival programme and system to ensure the survival of the irreplaceable materials remaining from Perth’s automotive past. And to create a considerable literature library of the history of the Perth and Western Australian automotive history, thus preserving the knowledge and memories of it all in perpetuity.

Our members include people whose work in the field includes research, recording and publication of historical automotive matters. Several members have regular articles published in magazines and periodicals, others have published books and videos.

The society’s aim is to preserve irreplaceable motoring archives.  Individuals intend to continue with their research to publish (in print and in electronic form) a growing and comprehensive ‘literature’ of the history of the Perth and WA motor trade, which, unless it is done by MHWA members, will never be - for no other group in Perth is similarly employed. 

The Organisation is committed to working with motoring bodies like the RAC of WA, Motor Trade Association of WA, the new WA Motor Industry Foundation, Battye Library and a multitude of private collectors to re-discover archival material needing to be identified, copied for security’s sake, digitised in extensive quantities for permanence and made available to researchers in a practical digital form;

Privacy Policy - We never sell lists of contact names to outside concerns, even though we compile them continuously from our incoming mail - addresses are used within a ‘permission marketing’ concept for the society’s historic promotions, automotive events, displays and similar happenings related to our automotive yesteryears;

Codicils on Your Will - owners of old collections are asked to consider putting a Codicil on their Will stating that, upon the surviving family’s final approval, the Motoring Historians WA society will be gifted the deceased’s collection of books/images/automotive documents for its re-direction or storage in archives and the group’s use in future publications. Ask the MHWA President for more details.

A lot more detailed information about MHWA can be found on our FAQ page.


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